Ice Cream Scoop

The challenge of miking Jack White: He plays a 3 snare set-up for The Dead Weather.

Because of the congestion of the 3 snare stands, the amount of real estate available requires a mic set up with a small footprint. The overall location made it difficult to position 3 mics that weren’t in the way of each other.

I used a Blue Ball condenser mic capsule for my top mic and put it in an ice cream scoop.

The steel scoop could take an accidental hit and not destroy the mic. The phantom power electronics live in the foot plate along with the male XLR input connector. Because of the limits of space, the bottom mic for the snare was incorporated into the stand with 4 places for adjustment. I put foam under the base to act as a shock mount.

Blue Balls are my favorite snare top, they are very big. Taking it out of it’s casing made it a fraction of the size.