Electric Maraca

Troy of the Queens likes to move to the groove.  One of his responsibilities in Queens was playing maracas.  I felt bad for my buddy being chained to a mic stand to play them when he could be shaking his butt too.

I found a way to use a Shure Lavalier mic embedded between the maraca handles. This is a TINY microphone. I shortened the Lav cable and merged the transformer into the handle as well.  So all we had to do was to plug in a mic cable which gave Troy a good long leash to run with.  It worked great.

I love the Lav mic.  They are pretty tough and have descent SPL capabilities.  I have used them for woodblock and cowbells on Joey’s kit, which is a super tight space for mics to live with his set up.

Thank you to the good people at Shure Microphones.